About Us

LuLu's opened it's storefront in 2010 in Oxford, MS on the historic, downtown Square.  Our store has long been a place where fashion trends and customer service meet to provide an unmatched shopping experience.  Many of our customers are visitors to the area or are students who live in Oxford only part of the year.  As the popularity of LuLu's grew, people began calling the store and using social media to have purchases shipped to them.  In 2018, It was time to take the store online!  
LuLu's is a family business.  Sisters, Corinne Jackson and Lindsey Mitchell work together to keep the newest trends available to shoppers in Oxford and online!  At its heart, LuLu's is a local shop, deeply connected to our community in Oxford.  Our walk-in customers are our friends and our staff feels like family.  We strive to keep our small town feeling alive everyday as we grow larger.  With an online presence, we can now give our customers the same shopping experience they have come to love and expect wherever they are!